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Shadowfist is the legal property of Z-Man Games, Inc. All Shadowfist icons, card text, and rules are © Z-Man. This website is not sponsored or endorsed by Z-Man games.

All card artwork is copyrighted by the respective artists. See the artwork credits below or check out image alt text for specific credits.

All text and images on my Shadowfist pages are ©1997-2001 Tony Hafner. You may print anything from this site in hardcopy form for personal reference. If you want any material from this site for any other purpose, feel free to mail me your request.

Artwork Credits
The card art displayed here is owned by the following artists. Please visit their pages. If you want to show that you're a true fan, you might even purchase some original art or at least some prints, t-shirts, etc.

Rob Alexander
Factions page: King of the Fire Pagoda ©1995

Randy Asplund
Promos page: Open a Can of Whupass ©2000

Edward Beard, Jr.
Promos page: Sting of the Scorpion ©2000, Katie Kincaid ©2001

Melissa Benson
Factions page: Gao Zhang ©1995, King of the Thunder Pagoda ©1995, Sun Chen ©1995; Promos page: The Eastern King ©2001

Dennis Calero
Promos page: Dragon Boat Festival ©2001

Chris Chuckry
Promos page: Elephant Gun ©2001

Dennis Detwiller
Factions page: Johann Bonengel ©1995

Richard Kane Ferguson
Index page: CHAR ©1995; Factions page: Quan Lo ©1995, Battlechimp Potemkin ©1995, Furious George ©1995

Kaja Foglio
Index page: White Ninja ©1996; Factions page: The Prof ©1995, Queen of the Darkness Pagoda ©1995; Promos page: White Ninja ©1996, ©2000

Dan Frazier
Card Sets page: Jason X ©1995

Daniel Gelon
Card Sets page: Soul of the Dragon ©1995

Thomas Gianni
Promos page: Primus ©2001

Mike Kimble
Card Sets page: Tricia Kwok ©2000

Lissanne Lake
Card Sets page: The Monkey Who Would Be King ©2000; Promos page: "Time to Kick Ass!" ©2001

April Lee
Card Sets page: Counterfeit Heart ©1995

Thomas Manning
Card Sets page: True Son of Heaven ©2000

Ken Meyer Jr.
Factions page: Adrienne Hart ©1995

Jesper Myrfors
Art direction and graphic design for Standard Edition, Limited Edition, Netherworld expansion, and Flashpoint expansion
Index page: Thing With a 1000 Tongues ©1995; Factions page: Thing With a 1000 Tongues ©1995, Card Back ©1995

Mark Pennington
Promos page: Sword of the Master ©2001

Mark Poole
Factions page: Undercover Cop ©1995, The Golden Gunman ©1995; Card Sets page: Dirk Wisely's Gambit ©1996, Demon Emperor ©2000

Mike Raabe
Promos page: Once and Future Champion ©2000

Ron Rousselle
Card Sets page: Operation Killdeer ©1995, The Iron Monkey ©2000

Christopher Rush
Factions page: Destroyer ©1996; Card Sets page: Molten Heart ©1995

Douglas Shuler
Factions page: Kar Fai ©1995

Ellym Sirac
Promos page: The Junkyard ©2001

Brian Snōddy
Index page: Ting Ting ©1995; Factions page: Ting Ting ©1995; Promos page: Who Wants Some ©2001

Stephen Snyder
Promos page: Nine Cuts ©2001, Silver Band ©2001

Carisa Swenson
Card Sets page: The Emperor ©2000, Jui Szu ©2000

Mark Tedin
Card Sets page: Arcanotower Now ©1996, Arcanotower 2056 ©1996, Homo Omega ©1995, Homo Omega ©2000

Néné Thomas
Factions page: Queen of the Ice Pagoda ©1995

Susan Van Camp
Factions page: The Unspoken Name ©1995

Pete Venters
Card Sets page: Gorilla Warfare ©1995

Anthony Waters
Card Sets page: Fire and Darkness Pavilion ©1995

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