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Demons in the Mist

This is a Lotus/Architects deck specializing in odd ways of generating power to get out its big hitters. This is mainly accomplished by Vivisecting either characters borrowed from the opponent (via Tortured Memories) or a Larcenous Misted Destroyer.
By Tony Hafner

Total cards: 50
Primary role: 2- or 3-player
Cards by set and rarity (R/U/C)
Main Set: 2/13/14
Netherworld: 0/0/16
Flashpoint: 2/2/1
3 DNA Mage5 Sinister Priest
2 Test Subjects
Hitters/Utility Characters:
3 Arcanotechnician2 Destroyer
4 Vivisector2 Thing With a 1000 Tongues
2 White Ninja (Promo)
2 Neutron Bomb4 Tortured Memories
2 Discerning Fire4 Larcenous Mist
5 Pocket Demon
Feng Shui:
2 Festival Circle2 Fortress of Shadow
1 Night Market4 Rust Garden

Note that the Night Market could easily be replaced- I added it in as an experiment and so far it certainly hasn't paid off. While Rust Garden is generally a decent site, it doesn't seem to have any good use in this deck so I am likely to completely redo the sites to get a selection that actually works with the rest of the deck.

This deck works fairly consistently, but never seems to have quite the punch I'd like. Mainly the deck is a lot of fun to play. It could need more hitters and less denial. Looking at the listing here shows me I've got 4 Tortured Memories, 2 Bombs, and 2 Discerning Fires. That's probably too much and I could lose the Bombs, especially for dueling games.

One reason I built this deck is that I've always thought that Larcenous Mist was a really cool card but a little too narrow in application. It's very unpredictable as denial, but when I saw the Destroyer I realized that finally there was a character that made the Mist a viable offensive card.

Tortured Memories is such jolly fun- usually I can sacrifice the stolen character to either the Thing or a Vivisector. This has the wonderful effect of generating power while ridding the opponent of hitters. As an added bonus I can even take a site with him from time to time. What more could you ask?

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©1997-2000, Tony Hafner