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Jammer/Dragon Gun Deck
By Tony Hafner

Total cards: 60
Primary role: Multiplayer
Cards by set and rarity (R/U/C)
Main Set: 2/7/2
Netherworld: 0/5/4
Flashpoint: 2/8/30
3 Just Another Consumer3 Hacker
3 Portal Jockey3 Redeemed Gunman
Hitters/Utility Characters:
2 Battlechimp Potemkin2 Johnny Badhair
3 Gearhead3 Scrappy Kid
3 Gorilla Fighter
2 Entropy Is Your Friend3 Both Guns Blazing
3 Monkeywrenching4 Dirk Wisely's Gambit
1 Nuked1 Slo Mo Vengeance
4 Disintegrator Ray3 Fusion Rifle
2 Pump-Action Shotgun
Feng Shui:
2 Cave Network4 Fortress of Shadow
2 Rainforest River4 Turtle Island

I originally built this deck anticipating Scrounging coming out in Throne Wars (see my spoilers page if you don't know what Scrounging is). Unfortunately, Deadalus vanished before the set came out. I replaced the Scroungings with Dirk Wisely's Gambit, which at least makes the deck work OK.

There is nothing amazing about this deck in any way- the cards have a lot of potential for combos, but none of them are especially good. There is the usual Scrappy Kid/Fusion rifle combo in there, plus Johnny Badhair along with plenty of the cards that make his ability work. The trickiest thing here is the Just Another Consumer/Battlechimp/Turtle Island combo. Note that the Consumer gets his bonus every time he attacks, but that bonus lasts until the end of the turn- if you unturn him with the Chimp then you'll get another bonus in the second attack that adds to the bonus from the first. The Islands make his ability kick in more often. However, because of his small size you will more often be better off by attacking with the Chimp instead of wasting him on unturning lame characters such as the Consumer.

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©1997-2000, Tony Hafner