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A Clockwork Orange

Hand/Monarchs deck featuring Orange Monks with states, mainly Claws of Darkness
By Evan James

Total cards: 60
Primary role: Multiplayer
Cards by set and rarity (R/U/C)
Main Set: 0/10/16
Netherworld: 3/8/16
Flashpoint: 0/2/5
5 Golden Candle Society3 Darkness Priestess
3 Instrument of the Hand3 Ice Healer
Hitters/Utility Characters:
5 Orange Monk
3 Orange Meditation5 Claws of Darkness
4 Heat of Battle2 Spirit Pole
3 Iron and Silk1 Avenging Thunder
2 Shaolin Surprise3 Fortune of the Turtle
1 Shield of Pure Soul4 Violet Meditation
Feng Shui:
2 Cave Network2 Proving Ground
1 Blessed Orchard1 Family Home
1 Fortress of Shadow1 Hallowed Earth
1 Monkey House1 Whirlpool of Blood
Other Sites:
3 Orange Senshi Chamber

Evan's comments on this deck:

The main idea of this deck is to throw down Orange Monks with Claws of Darkness. I realize that Orange Monks are hideously expensive, but they can get really fun if you manage to get a Senshi Chamber and a Proving Ground out.

The cool thing is they Superleap over any turned characters, but you gain power if anyone else tries to stop you. If you run short on power, try to exploit the Violet Meds and Heat of Battles as much as you can. If all else fails, slap those Claws on one of your resource weenies and play a couple of Orange Meds when you attack with it.

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