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Note: I am no longer accepting unsolicited submissions- go to if you want to publish your decks. They do a far better job at archiving others' decks than I could ever do.

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Z-Man era (the Age of Zev)
Go here for current decks- everything in this section should be appropriate for the new rulings and card errata. As long as there isn't another Critical Shift that puts Zev out of power!

Deadalus era (the Age of José)
Some of the old power decks aren't nearly as good as they were in their time, though some of them still rock. And many of the old-school concepts are still solid, even if the actual decks need some new tuning... perhaps some of these decks will reappear in new forms in the Z-Man section...

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On the deck index pages, I list 3 bits of info that aren't terribly self-explanatory.

On the line below the name and designer of the deck, there are 3 codes separated by slashes. The first is the target number of players where the deck works best. The second code is a set of "bang" marks, followed by a set of "smiley" marks.

First-Turn Killer by Bob Postal
3+ / / : Jammer / Hand speed deck

This deck is named "First-Turn Killer", and was first designed by Bob Postal. It plays best in games with 3 or more players. It is a tournament-class deck that isn't any fun at all to play or to play against. It is a very quick deck that uses the Jammers and the Guiding Hand.

Both the bang and smiley rating scales range from 1 to 4 marks. The Bang rating is a rough gauge of the power of the deck. The smiley rating is a rough gauge of the "fun level" of the deck. These are both rather subjective ratings, and are also somewhat regional. Your playgroup may not get as much mileage out of certain things as we do, and this is often caused by variances in the local metagame.

I rank decks based on their primary role- dueling decks may not perform as well in multiplayer games as they are rated here, and multiplayer decks may not be as good in duels. If a deck is made for both arenas, I'll give it the higher rating. The position in which a deck appears in this table is not intended to rank the decks more specifically- it is pretty much random. I refuse to try to gauge decks that accurately.

The smiley rating is even more subjective than the bang rating- my decks may tend to rank higher just because I think they are fun. It's why I built them that way.

Note that decks with no smileys or decks with no bangs are not decks that are so poor as to fall off the scale. For one reason or another, I have simply not chosen to rank it in this department. This is in most cases because I wish to see it in action before committing myself to a rating.

If you have sent in a deck and disagree with the rating I gave it, send me a reason to change the score and I'll think about it. By the same token, if you play a deck that I rated highly and found that it doesn't work for you then feel free to tell me that too.

I am always looking for more submissions, so if you have a deck design to send in then please mail it to me:

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