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Sample Decks
Z-Man Era

Click on the deck name to see the card listing and description. The number on the next line is the ideal number of players, followed by a brief description of the deck type. For decks created by me, there are also ratings for how powerful the deck is (1 to 4 bangs) and how fun it is to play (1 to 4 smileys). A full description of the rating system is on the Sample Decks index page.

Deck Name by Deck Creator
Target # of players / Power rating (1 to 4) / Fun rating (1 to 4): Description

Bull Monkey by Tony Hafner
3+ : Giveth and taketh away via Bull Market and Iron Monkey

Staying Alive by Iñaki Puigdollers
2+ : Architects and their sneaky tricks

DarkSpeed by Tony Hafner
2 / / : Hyperspeed Architects / Monarchs with Darkness Adepts

Pale Horse, Dark Traveler by Jan Malina
2+ : Ascended with Dark Travelers

Insert Deck Name Here by Jan Malina
3+ : Lotus / Monarch with Big Hitters and Their Twins

Pledged.Deck by Jan Malina
2 : Ascended Speed

Ting Rays and Fairy Dust by Jan Malina and Ken Ho
2 : Hand Power Control

You Look Like Buro by Jan Malina
2 : Lotus Control

Zap by Jan Malina
2: Architects Card Cycler

Operation: Phoenix by Tony Hafner
3+ / / : Lotus / Jammer weenie deck

The Darkness Throne by Tony Hafner
2 / / : Lotus / Monarchs state-recycler

Free Tanks for Everyone! by Tony Hafner
4 / / : Architects tank-recycling deck with Probability Manipulator(s!)

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I am always looking for more submissions, so if you have a deck design to send in then please mail it to me:

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