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March 6, 2002: Yes... it's lame but true. I will no longer be updating my subtitled news. Waaah! It just goes to show how society is going downhill faster than you can say "Spedoinkel".

March 6, 2002: Yes... it is lame but rectifies. I will not update any more my news entitled. Waaah! It just will show how the company is going down more quickly than can tell you "Spedoinkel".

March 23, 2001: Who is obtained the promos? I fine of support have promos control outside! I added a new page Promo Cards. This has images of each promotional card which was released for Shadowfist up to now. Now you can see all the obscure cards which you cannot be able to find elsewhere.

March 21, 2001: The puncture of a scorpion was never so soft. In last week I updated the card sets and page of collector at positionings current (TW and YotD) and improved the links still. I also finished a minor project of increase of the face for the whole site that I partially finished well in the page of factions on one year ago.

March 15, 2001: This time I want to say it. Not, really. More 6 months ago, I says my site had not died. But I did not change anything since then. Well, here my first real update content since the version with the War of Throne and the Year of the Dragon. Very that I have really added is up to now a pair of packages of post-TW. I rearranged and cut a bit as well for full improve of the contents. I intend to entirely add more contents in various zones in the next couples of the weeks.

September 5, 2000: Let us give to the new cards of Shadowfist large, wet to kiss! Defect of the sound reproduction they are finally here! It is very that I must say in this moment. My site did not die. To come more soon.

June 14, 2000: 'Fist-hole of Hafhead finally moved with! Welcome in new and slightly improved! I had this field during a few months maintaining with my Lego stuff on top, but with me was makes an attempt a little an improvement before moving to it my Pages of Shadowfist. The force changes in this center of update around giving the credit where the credit is due all the card images now have the text of alt with the information of copyright, and my new page of copyright enumerates all the drawing-model employed here by the artist. As far as possible, I provided links to the pages at the house of the artists. I also added a new page of information of the collector. It is not terribly useful, but it has certain information on the rarity of card and the card counters by positioning. It will increase in the future.

October 5, 1999: Ah, happy day the walk still died! Check the new house of Shadowfist on More the vagrant of the world of CCG, 'fist has now a place to sleep the night.

September 10, 1999: Hoot, I slackened the soap are held please behind while I take it. It came to my attention which my information of copyright is somewhat vague. Various artists each clean their drawing-model. I already corrected the general report/ratio in bottom of the page of increment, but I will also revise the site as soon as possible so that each card image credits the suitable part.

September 3, 1999: You cannot play with the ' end of support, but them sure glance nice. I borrowed apparatus-photo digital from a friend with me to take photographs of some of my creations of Lego, and I appeared that I would break some projectiles of my 'Fist of the wall o while I was with him.

August 26, 1999: Afflicted about the disorder want a cover of fiver that? Nothing too large today. The links paginate pair the others now and are also updated to show the current state of these sites. And I fixed a couple of the typos rather embarrassing, including this gem: "... technology of mixtures with science..." Um, hello? Shouldn't one of those be "magic"?

August 25, 1999: The name thy of vanity is, ' site of fist. I completely changed the glance of my ' site of fist to be a more formed combination. I liked the arrangement of color of my pilot section of packages, thus I copied that for all the pages. I have to still change above the page of links into new arrangement, and the section of packages in A need which twists to bring to the provision more in conformity with the other pages. But total the site is much more thematically logical.

August 24, 1999: The rebirth brings the change. The future is dubious for the cards on my list of spoiler. Those can come outside in the next expansion, or they cannot. The next expansion can be war of throne, or it cannot. In any event, of spoiler of list the direction thus me of marks plus took downwards. If I am lucky, Z-Man will give me some spoilers with the post in the future. I also withdrew "Deck-Building the pages inclines" and "terminological". These sections sleeping found during more than one year and are always completely useless. Wait you with until they turn over when they seem with a bit more the reasonable one.

August 9, 1999: Update of copyright!? Minor update I am right changing the information of copyright, because it proves that the ' fist can do something of a return. The congratulations with the plays of Z-Man, and me await with interest a more luminous future for the best CCG outside there.

Mercies special comes out to the translator of Babelfish of AltaVista for the assistance by creating this page.

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