Aerite Boat

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This is a small landing craft for getting Aerites from ship to shore. The Aerites are intelligent birdlike humanoids who are at a similar development level to humans in terms of both technology and society. They aren't overly fond of the sea, but they do understand the importance of a navy in terms of military and in trading.

I originally built this for future installments of my Isle of Mist story. The Aerites were supposed to land in the same area as Sorjin and were to be rivals in exploring the region. Alas, my energy for that project has died. But I may as well still present the boat itself and a party of Aerites. The leader is Kre'ak, the one wearing a cloak and carrying a blue-headed warhammer.

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The boat, fully laden Again, from the side Without any passengers
The whole Aerite party The important characters The nameless mooks

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