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Sorjin Mercurial
Sorjin is a wizard specializing in crystal- and metal-related magic.
Brass golems
Sorjin Mercurial crafts these assistants. They are slow and methodical in both mental and physical abilities and are absolutely faithful to their creator. It is known that Sorjin has at least 2 of them, which he refers to by the colors of the gems their blank faces resemble- Sapphire and Ruby.
Ardan is an experienced sailor who hired on to Sorjin's ship for the trip to the Isle of Mist. He's fairly true to what one might expect of a sailor- brash, strong, and somewhat crude.
Rosso grew up in the forest village of J'Wyn. He is a young forester who has great knowledge of plant life and an uncanny ability with animals. He has joined Sorjin on the trip to the Isle of Mist as an opportunity for adventure.
Kre'ak is an Aerite, an intelligent birdlike humanoid creature.
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