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This flag is my first "mosaic" creation. With what's been going on in the world lately and with the flag creations that have been creeping up on Lugnet lately, it seemed like a good time to do this. Once I worked out the geometry, it was very nice to have a brainless assembly project that didn't require too much creativity. I'm actually surprised that I had enough small white and blue plates to do the stars, but I felt it was important to model their correct count and arrangement if not their shape.

I actually did the flag stand first- it took all of 10 minutes, and served to hold a flag on my desk until I did the big Lego flag. It's very simple, using a whopping 17 pieces.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
The flag From below Closeup of the star field
It makes a great backdrop! The non-Lego flag on its Lego stand Closeup of the stand

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