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My custom models designed to fit the official Blacktron theme:
Blacktron Outcast Racer (added Nov. 16, 2004)
The Blacktron Hegemony has used its technological and fashion know-how to come up with this beauty.
Blacktron Sy Borg
What the...
Blacktron Scooter
This scooter is a small personal transport.
Blacktron Scrutinizer
The Scrutinizer is used as a spy vessel, transporting a small robotic rover to monitor enemy activities up close.
Blacktron Spiderwalker
I'm not big on mecha, but here's a small walker.
Blacktron Mobile Message Decoder [Instructions]
The Blacktrons use this vehicle to intercept messages and resend their own versions to the intended recipients. Man, these guys are sneaky!
Blacktron WTF-2001 [Instructions]
It's a one-wheeled car! But this is no Mono-Jet... it actually rolls. And it's Blacktron-colored. What more could you want?
Blacktron Invader Rehash
While this technically is my own creation, it is a total knock-off of the Blacktron 1 set.
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