Blacktron Scrutinizer

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The Scrutinizer is a spy ship that I built for the second annual Space contest on Lugnet. The theme this year is Blacktron, and this is intended to be a small ship in a similar class as the Invader. It uses modular components that are compatible with my large ground vehicle as well as my old (non-contest-entry) Intruder and various other non-Blacktron models (ie most of my Dark Futuron vehicles). It weighs in at 201 pieces, including one Blacktron figure and all the accompaning parts.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Front side angle Top Rear side angle
Front High rear angle The cab is big enough for two!
Let's go program the rover... The cargo pod holds an autonomous rover The rover up close
All the parts The ship without the cargo pod Closeup of the rover inside the pod

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