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The Mobile Message Decoder is used to intercept enemy transmissions and rebroadcast them with whatever "modifications" the Blacktrons desire. To this end, it is equipped with two transceiver dishes on the rear module and a larger dish on the command module. The vehicle is made up of interchangeable components for maximum flexibility.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Front angle view Top view Rear angle view
Front view Side view Rear view
Cockpit closeup Closeup of the articulated joint Closeup of the transceiver array
The command module Yes, that little rover fits in there. The side panels make a ramp for the rover.
Here it is! Closeup of the rover The rover carries a robot.
Closeup of the robot Closeup of the rover The command module standing alone
A technician works the controls. Here is a typical scene of the command module deployed. These are the parts that make up the whole Mobile Message Decoder.
You can remove the command module. And, of course, the cockpit comes off. You can also put the command module on the back end.
With more interchangeable sections, you can make it longer! And with two articulated sections, it drives quite nicely. The pilot poses with his machine.

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