Colony Ship Glimmer of Hope

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The Glimmer of Hope is a typical example of the early colony ships. These ships were intended to be disassembled upon arrival, and each section of the ship would form a vital component of the colony. This particular design is made up of a Command Module, an Operation Module on each side, a Cargo/Labratory module, and two Engine modules.

The crew is a mixture of Futuron colonists and Space Corps soldiers. The Space Corps was going through something of an upheaval during the months preceding the launch. This detachment of troops was only supposed to assist in preparation, but they went AWOL and joined the colony when the ship departed. They were never prosecuted, as the Corps completely collapsed soon after. As it turned out, their skills were desperately needed at the Hope's Landing colony- it would never have made it through the first hot season without them.

I was never really happy with the color scheme of the central body section (the Structural Module?) I have long-term plans to remove all the yellow pieces and replace them with blue or black during one of my Lego nights, but I always end up wanting to make new things instead.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
The ship assembled for transit Note the large array of thrusters in the rear. Side view of the whole ship
Yet another view of the ship The Command and Primary Engine modules form the Scout. Side view of the Scout
The crew works on the Scout. The Cargo module is used as a lab. The two Operations modules join when deployed.
A maintenance mech assists with OpMod1's door. An officer inspects the mechs for a minor malfunction... ...but apparently the malfuction is rather serious.

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