Gargamel Deepspace Freighter

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Gargamel is designed to haul medium loads over very long interstellar distances. The normal crew compliment is 4, though it is possible to operate with a crew of 2. The ship is named after a powerful sorceror from 20th century Belgian mythology.

I started building this ship in January of 2001 and got it ~70% completed around that time. Then it sat around unfinished for nearly 4 years before I finally got it done. It may not be quite what I'd build if I were starting today (ie the randomish black and grey coloration), but I'm happy to call it done so I can think about reclaiming all those parts.
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Support Vehicles
Support Vehicles gallery
Thanks to Mark Sandlin for some of the detailing. He helped out with the bunk room, the bathroom, and a bit of the greebling on the nose. Most importantly, he taught me how to greeble and I ran with it for detailing everywhere else.

gallery added Feb. 2, 2005

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