Psion Hammers

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The Circlons made effective use of these stolen craft at Unitroid VII. They are typical of the Psion design philosophy in which an upper-caste leader would pilot a mother ship that isn't intended to see combat action. The two atmospheric craft would be flown by lower-caste Psions and their actions would be closely monitored and controlled via telepathy.

This is a great setup for the Circlons, as they employ vast numbers of androids too stupid to act on their own. When the Circlons captured a large number of Hammer fighters and their control ships, they were more than happy to strip out the life-support systems of the small craft and swap in improved communications gear.

The main downfall of these craft on Unitroid VII was that Psion shield technology relies heavily on a side effect of telepathic wave properties. The drone caste's telepathic feedback rapidly shifts the energy planes to get complete coverage of the ship's surface. There was no way for the Circlons to emulate this effect, and the resulting gaps in the shielding made the Hammer fighters easy prey to the Viper gunboat.

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Mother ship with two Hammers Three ships separated on the ground Closeup of one fighter

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