Kuai Feng

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When the Jade Empire announced that it would enter the intergalactic racing circuit, many people were slow to believe it. But the Kuai Feng has proven itself as a solid ship, and Bei Zhen has proven herself as a dedicated professional. There is still much speculation as to why the Empire would enter this popular sport while making war on all of its neighbors, but they have offered no explanation.

I apologize for the lighting in these shots- I am adapting to a new location where I will be taking pictures of my models from here on and I haven't quite figured out how to light the area properly.

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Bei Zhen and the Kuai Feng Bei Zhen behind the ship Opened up
Front angle Rear angle Rear angle
Front Right Rear
Bottom Landing gear stowed Landing gear deployed
Headgear locker Controls Nose removed

gallery added June 11, 2004

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