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With a large moonbase layout, like you'd have at a convention, more modules are always a Good Thing. So over time I have cranked out a ton of modules- many of which have no purpose, and many of which aren't terribly interesting to look at by themselves. But combined with all the other modules that show up, they certainly add to the whole.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
My first module! My first module! My first module!
Floating black hallway Two floating black hallways Two floating black hallways
Floating gray/red T Floating gray/red T Multilevel T
Multilevel T Multilevel Reversible T Multilevel Reversible T
Ugly black/brown/gray thing Ugly black/brown/gray thing

If you're wondering what a "Moonbase Module" is, check out the specs.

gallery added August 8, 2007

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