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My Space stuff that doesn't fit the other categories:
Boilerplate Fighter (added March 31, 2011)
One of my entries in the Sci-Lug Small Starfighter contest in January 2009.
Sidearm Fighter (added March 31, 2011)
My other entry in the Sci-Lug Small Starfighter contest in January 2009.
Microscale Quad Mecha (added March 31, 2011)
My entry in the Iron Mecha competition in early 2006... taking its time to arrive on my site.
Airbike (added May 9, 2008)
My IPRC 1500-class Airbike entry.
LV-16p Prospector Truck (added May 7, 2008)
LV-16 series truck, outfitted for prospecting.
ANT Trucks (added April 28, 2008)
The ANT is my generic ubiquitous futuristic utility vehicle.
Speeder (added November 8, 2007)
If you're all alone and need to cover some distance quickly, this is just what you need!
Vending Bots (added November 8, 2007)
Thirsty? Need to receive a fax in the middle of Crater Park? We've got you covered.
Spacey Cargo Box (added July 21, 2006)
It's a spacey-looking cargo box.
Sialia Fighter (added July 17, 2006)
The Sialia is a tiny blue fighter, primarily designed for use in vacuum.
L.O.C.O. - Low-Orbit Cargo Operator (added April 12, 2006)
This is a small shunter for moving cargo around in orbit.
ZOG3 (added January 9, 2006)
ZOG3 is a small experimental fighter, copied from the Nebula III.
Alien Vignette: Brett (updated December 19, 2005)
A classic scene from a classic film, where the fully-grown xenomorph makes its first appearance.
KraataCorp Hover Can (added June 29, 2005)
KraataCorp is competing with the HoverCheap for cheap personal transportation.
Zed Cannon 1 (added June 28, 2005)
Pirate Captain Zed terrorizes the neighborhood in this one-man heavy fighter.
Zed Cannon 2 (added June 28, 2005)
"Red" accompanies Zed on their raids on proper society in her medium fighter.
Melpo-MINI (added June 28, 2005)
I have another small model today, a quarter-scale version of Melpomene.
HoverCheap (added June 16, 2005)
Yeah, it's pretty simple- a tiny studless ship piloted by a scary witch.
SWATBot (added May 2, 2005)
Walk tall and carry a big stick.
MW2 LongDrop (added Mar. 15, 2005)
The LongDrop is a fast light cargo ship, built as a support vessel for extended patrols of Teardrop scouts.
Sheriff Floyd and "44" (added Mar. 3, 2005)
Sheriff Floyd Garrett enforces the law in his own little corner of the galaxy in this little fighter.
DuoDrive 2004 (added Dec. 21, 2004)
The Briclopeans employ rather unique vehicles to get around their planet.
Space Wagon (added Dec. 20, 2004)
Family transportation for a new generation.
Teardrop (added March 23, 2004)
A tiny and very fast scout vehicle in vacuum and atmosphere, the Teardrop makes a great cruiser for light policing of outlying sectors.
Scarab (added Feb 9, 2004)
This scarab is fitted out for crystal prospecting by its owner, Billy Bob.
See various robots that are roughly minifig-sized.
VTOL Scout
Here's a small low-altitude vehicle from the Seldar Worlds corporation.
Walking Ice Grappler
Here's another official set, recolored with the Ice Planet scheme.
Ice Planet Avenger
What do you get when you take a badly-colored ship and redo it in an even worse color scheme?
Nanofig-Scale Space Base
This canyon of BURPS has some landing platforms with various tiny buildings, plus a few tiny-scaled space ships.
Space Jalopy
Here's Gordon's roadster before.
Here's the same car after.
Space Tug
This is designed to move much larger vessels around. It is ideal for maneuvering ships that aren't equipped for delicate spacedock work.
The Spiffhearse
La Mort Custom Spaceworks (aka Mortco) has entered into a contract with Spiffco to convert standard Spiffvans into Spiffhearses.
Jeni's Spiffcraft
It's Jeni's first spacecar, and she wants to show it off!
The Matriarch
Captain Brenda Rhodes' ship is a reconfigurable deepspace freighter she uses to ply the outlying trade routes.
"Big Red" Cockpit Prototype
While the primary hull of my long-term project, the huge cargo ship, isn't progressing very quickly, this second prototype for the cockpit module is getting closer to my ideal design.
VIP Transport
This Seldar Worlds offering is a lightly-armed, but heavily armored, ground vehicle for the purpose of transporting officials safely through combat zones.
Gyrfalcon Fighter
People were surprised when this fighter showed up and broke all the rules- but it manages to effectively pull off a balancing act between economy, combat effectiveness, and durability.
SW Battle Striders
UniCarg's second military arm, Seldar Worlds, manufactures these walking vehicles suitable for a wide variety of military applications.
Grasshopper Cargo Hauler
UniCarg Industries' Grasshopper is a vital support vehicle for the universal cargo system.
Viper Gunboat
One of these medium-sized gunboats single-handedly saved the Unitroid VII colony. It is reminiscent of the Aquanauts series, but with the submarine theme ported over to spaceship design.
Unitroid Light Interceptor [Instructions: 1 2 3]
Here's a one-man atmospheric craft with 3 sets of wings.
Psion Hammers
Two Psion Hammer fighters and their mothership
Exploriens Troop Transporter
This is a ship I put together a while back. It is an Exploriens-style ship with room for 10 infantry men plus a crew of 3.
Insectoid Walkers
Here's a set of Insectoid-style vehicles.
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