Packhorse Cargo Hauler

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This vehicle uses what I call a "spine" design- the bulk of the length of the vehicle is a narrow spine, with protruding wheel pods at the front and rear.

This is the first vehicle I made for my ever-expanding Universal Cargo system. The system is really simple and allows for many different cargo configurations. Each vehicle has tech beams arranged in a convenient area, and the various cargo modules all have tech pegs that fit into these spots.

In these shots, I show a set of 4 small recon vehicles as the cargo. Currently I have a number of different pods, including a portable radar station and a 2-man stasis pod. Most are pictured elsewhere in my Lego pages.

These images were taken before I refitted the cockpit to be removeable. The current construction is almost identical, but the front end can be removed and placed onto any of a number of other vehicles that have interchangeable pilot modules.

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Front angle view with all 4 flitters attached The crew mounts one of the flitters. The gang poses for a shot to send home to their mamas.

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