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The Seldar Worlds corporation is a new military subsidiary of Universal Cargo Industries. Their initial product is a series of Battle Striders. These are ground vehicles that are very well suited to a number of different roles over a wide variation of terrains. They are being marketed primarily as urban defense against armored units, though they are also excellent for anti-personnel and anti-aircraft roles.

Pictured here are a Command Strider (the 2-seat unit), a Stride-Hopper, and two standard Battle Striders. These images were taken during a field demo of the new models- the pilots pictured are Seldar Worlds employees. They may look suspiciously like they are wearing Star Wars rebel uniforms, but that's just you.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
The pilots prepare the Command Strider and Stride-Hopper... ...right next to two standard Battle Striders. The 'Hopper unfolds as the others begin mobilizing...
...and it's almost ready for flight, having taken a few steps to line up with the others... ...and now the're really on the move. Side and front views of standard Battle Striders
Side view of the 'Hopper, folded for close combat or storage The 'Hopper again, in Flight mode A different angle of the 'Hopper in Flight mode
How is that wing put together? A maintenance crew removes one arm pod, revealing the arm mounting. Being a Strider test pilot is very satisfying work.

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