2-Wide Steam Train

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Although there are detail parts that stick out a bit on both sides, I call this 2-wide because that is the body width. This is not unlike other Lego train standards, with 6-wide trains usually having protuberances that bump them out to 8 or more.

This model is inspired by the 2-wide diesel trains done by John Neal's children. Also, I've recently done a few microfig scale space creations and started preliminary work on a normal (6-wide) steam train. So this model seemed like a great mini-project (a nice small one for quick satisfaction!) The locomotive uses a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement, and features pistons and push rods. Also note the 1/10 stud offset for the panels on the boxcar. I have a couple more cars at home in partially-built form, though I don't know if I'll bother finishing them.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
The whole train Locomotive and tender from the side and from the front
...and from the rear Closeup of the boxcar Closeup of the bulkhead flatcar

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