PNLTC #1969

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I am proud to present my first 9 volt train creation, a diesel locomotive. This is my first true MOC locomotive, as my previous works in this area have been almost-stock 4.5 volt engines.

This model is based on a GE EMD FP45 engine, introduced in 1967, though I can't really call it a true model of that engine. I intentionally did a "traditional"-sized Lego engine (6-wide, built on a standard train base), which drastically limits the accuracy. I figure that my first try can be simple and that I can try the fancier stuff later.

The paint scheme is inspired by the Santa Fe red/silver "war-bonnet" scheme that has been used on FP45's. I simplified it for modeling purposes and recolored it somewhat to match PNLTC's colors.

One of the goals was to have some functionality in the engine, so I included working headlights and spinning vents on the top. The motorized vent idea came from a great locomotive that Dwayne Towell brought to the 2001 GATS show in Portland.

For images of and other info about the FP45, check out Jim Fuhrman's FP45 page.

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Front angle Rear high angle Front high angle
Front Side Rear
The cab has a fair amount of detail. Upper gearing for vents Lower gearing for vents
Angry FP45 Sad FP45 Thanks for stopping by!

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