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White Men Can Jump

Superleaping Thunder Knight deck. Erk- what was I thinking?
By Tony Hafner

Total cards: 60
Primary role: Multiplayer
Cards by set and rarity (R/U/C)
Main Set: 7/5/27
Netherworld: 0/2/10
Flashpoint: 0/7/2
5 Golden Candle Society10 Thunder Knights
3 Wandering Monk
Hitters/Utility Characters:
5 Shaolin Warrior3 King of the Thunder Pagoda
1 Art of War1 Avenging Thunder
2 Fortuitous Chi5 Rigorous Discipline
2 Healing Earth2 Positive Chi
3 Wing of the Crane1 Shield of Pure Soul
5 Violet Meditation
Feng Shui:
3 Fortress of Shadow3 Proving Ground
2 Sacred Heart Hospital2 Kinoshita House
1 Festival Circle1 Ring of Gates

This is by no means a spectacular deck, but it does work a lot better than I thought it would. The theory is to get out a lot of Thunder Knights and give them the ability of the Shaolin Warrior. You then pay 1 power to give all of them superleap. If you have the Thunder King out, then you've got a horde of superleaping 3-fighting characters. This obviously only works in a turtling environment when you've been allowed to build up such a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude, forged in the spirit of our ancestors...

But seriously. The Fortuitous Chi actually makes this work fairly well. If you can get that onto a Thunder Knight, you are doing pretty well. If you get it onto the King, you are lovin' it. This is easier than it sounds, because instead of having to pay for it all at once you can use Positive Chi or Wing of the Crane to get the King back when you really need him. This lets you put off the real stoppers until you can get that Fortuitous Chi onto someone.

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©1997-2000, Tony Hafner