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Big Man

Straight Dragon speeds deck, actually using Who's the Big Man Now?!
Originally By Jason Styne

Total cards: 40
Primary role: Dueling
Cards by set and rarity (R/U/C)
Main Set: 0/3/12
Netherworld: 4/0/9
Flashpoint: 0/0/12
3 Hacker5 Friends of the Dragon
Hitters/Utility Characters:
2 Ting Ting2 The Goldan Gunman
2 Jane Q. Public2 Yakuza Enforcer
4 Final Brawl5 Who's the Big Man Now?!
3 Explosives3 Golden Comeback
Feng Shui:
4 Festival Circle5 Whirlpool of Blood

Jason used this deck to win the "Best of Seattle" tournament just before José moved back to Toronto. It beat out a number of good decks and players, including the Juicer played by the man himself and me with my Dragon/Monarch gun deck. This isn't the exact recipe for Jason's deck, but it is pretty close.

This is the only 40-card deck I've ever seen that actually wins more than it loses. The typical opening is to get out a couple of Friends of the Dragon and make an early surprise big attack with a couple of Big Men?! It helps when the opponent plays two 1-cost foundations, of course.

Always burn for power when you take sites. The idea is to get an early site and use the power to get a big hitter out as early as possible. Use the Final Brawls and Big Men?! to keep control of the table. The choice of hitters is critical, though I've found that you can replace the Ting Tings with Ice Queens with fair success. The main thing is that the characters are very hard to kill/control. Recycle them with the Golden Comebacks when they do get killed. Once the table is sufficiently under your control, you can then start worrying about winning.

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