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And a Whole Mess of Links
This is the new and improved home of Shadowfist, now owned by Z-Man Games.

DMOZ Open Directory
The Open Directory Project keeps a list of Shadowfist links that is likely more current and complete than mine.

Secret HQ
This place has strategy tips, sample decks, local (San Francisco) play info, and literally scads of card analysis (is that possible?)

Jonathan Challis' Shadowfist pages
This UK site provides a number of strategy articles, backstory notes, and decks.

Will Wagner's Card Database
This is a card database with a great search engine UI. Want to know all the Dragon characters with fighting 4 and the designator Hero? No sweat!

Scythe's Shadowfist
Find out about 'Fisting in Denmark! If you are spending a Thursday night in Copenhagen, you just might be able to catch these guys. The site also has a lot of content, including background, rules overview, card analysis, sample decks, and more!

Organized Chaos
Check out the sample decks and strategy tips from Doc Coyote.

Gregor Torrence's Shadowfist pages
This includes complete card listings through Flashpoint, laid out in a very easy-to-use format. Gregor also has strategy, info for Portland (Oregon) area players, rules variations, and some cool stuff on Hong Kong cinema.

Fortress of Shadow
David Eber's site focuses more on the role-playing game, Feng Shui, and the common heritage- Hong Kong Cinema. But he has some great 'Fist info as well, including commons decks that anyone should be able to assemble and great faction overviews.

Andrew Davidson's Shadowfist pages
This is the home of RetroFist! Andrew also has decks, Throne War previews, and tournament info including a showcase of tourney winners and upcoming events.

Michael's Shadowfist pages (formerly Bryant Durrell's)
This is probably the most comprehensive compilation of Shadowfist info. But the site has now been closed. At the time of this writing, you can still download an archive of everything. I'm currently looking into the feasability of hosting the old contents.

Randall M! Gee's Shadowfist Page
The Keeper of Gummi Wisdom has compiled unofficial errata on the Player's Guide. He keeps that here, along with card lists and other random Shadowstuff.

DarkBlade's Fortress
This is a very slick-looking site with a lot of info- card lists, deck design articles, tournament organizing advice, fan fiction, and fan art.

Before there was DarkBlade's Fortress...
This is Martin's carefully-hidden secret sample deck page, residing on his old web page.

Brian Kawano's Shadowfist pages
Brian discusses 'Fist playing in the Seattle area (where all the best used to do their damage). He also rants on about key cards for the Architects and Dragons. And what more could you ask to see on a 'Fist site? He even has a set of beauteous Heffernan quotes.

Dave Van Domelen's 'Fist/Feng Shui site
Dave has done a lot of rather odd fan work, and has had some of his articles published in the Player's Guide and in Scrye. And you don't want to miss out on the Silly Cards lists!

Shadowfist at Flick
This page has some very interesting and very effective decks.

Baron's Shadowfist
Card commentary and fan fiction reside here.

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