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Lego Users Group Network
Lego Users Group Network
Lugnet is the hub of the adult Lego fan community, featuring forums on every Lego topic imaginable as well as a great set database. I read and post mostly in the .space newsgroup.
Classic Space Forum
Classic-Space Forum
I also read and post here. This is where the old Space folks went from
Puget Sound Lego Train Club Puget Sound Lego Train Club
I'm a member of PSLTC. We put on displays featuring Lego trains at model railroad shows.
Seattle Lego Users Group Seattle Area Lego Users Group
I'm also a member of Sealug. We meet informally every month to share the Lego hobby.
Bricklink Bricklink
You can buy individual pieces here- just about anything Lego has ever put into a set.
Brickshelf Brickshelf
Sign up for a free account to post your Lego pictures, or browse the gigabytes of existing Lego pictures posted by others.
Peeron Peeron Inventories
You can search the huge database to get a list of what parts came in what sets- and vice versa.
PICSL Peeron Instruction and Catalog Scans Library
Here you can get scans of instructions for just about every set Lego has ever produced and many of their catalogs.

Other builders' sites:
Jon Palmer Dan, Nick, Keith, Jeremiah, Fradel Paul Brassington Gil Shaw Chris Giddens Lenny, Soren, Kevin, Tim, Jonesy, Roy Kyle Keppler Brenden Wilson Paul Hartzog Mark Sandlin Bram Lambrecht Adrian Drake Tom McDonald Rick Hallman Brad Mittelstedt Jamie Neufeld Ken Takeuchi Eastern Block
And some builders' galleries:
Masahiro Yanagi | Jean-Pascal Rignault | Dan Jassim | Steve Runnels | Paul Baulch | Ley Ward | Mark Stafford

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If you want to link to my site, feel free to copy this image to your own server and link to my main Lego page.

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