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The Legend of the Spiyeti
Here's a comic I whipped up, taking advantage of the snow in my yard.
Nick and His Dad
A short story written by my 4-year-old son, Nick.
Sorjin's Adventures on the Isle of Mist
This is a castle-themed story with two types of storytelling- comic-style and narrative journals.
AndroDan's Adventures
This isn't so much a story as a travelblog of pictures as AndroDan visits various locales. Where will he turn up next?
From New Seattle to BrickFest PDX 2004
It is my hope that I'll have more New Seattle stories at some point, but for now everything here revolves around a Lego convention that happened in Portland, OR in Feb. 2004. The story probably won't interest anyone outside of the Lugnet .space community.
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