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This is a mosaic with attached models that I made for my wife for St. Valentine's Day. The main piece is a mosaic on a 32x32 baseplate, and it has two small models mounted on the front. The fig for her is fairly appropriate, though there isn't any reasonable way to do a current version of me with Lego. So my fig is supposed to be a generic geeky guy with hair like I had back when we got married.

My wife isn't a Lego nut, but she does appreciate the brick. She knows that it is a big part of my life, and I think she'll appreciate the gesture. I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Update: 2-15-02: She loved it! I added another 6 pics of the packaging and my wife enjoying the whole thing. I also added instructions and the .mpd file.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
The whole assembly Closeup of the gazebo Closeup of the garden
The mosaic by itself The back of the gazebo The back of the garden
The packaging Closeup of the edge label Opening the box...
Looky at what's inside! Hey- she likes it! Hanging in the kitchen

Resources: [Instructions] [MPD file]
Note: The instructions aren't totally accurate. The archway in the instructions is a mocked-up version of the one in the real thing, the flowers are missing the leaves, the long hair has been replaced by a baseball cap, and both figs are missing their torso decoration. The instruction images here are also much lower-resolution than the ones I used for printing.

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