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Pinewood Derby Car (added March 31, 2011)
Here's my Pinewood Derby car from early 2009, using minimal actual wood.
Vignette: Inside, Outside, Opened, Closed (added April 11, 2006)
What do you get when you put together Joe Vig, an airlock, and some cute space critters?
Vignette: Monkey See, Monkey Doo (added January 4, 2006)
Joe Vig returns, with yet another threat that he doesn't see coming...
Alien Vignette: Brett (updated December 19, 2005)
A classic scene from a classic film, where the fully-grown xenomorph makes its first appearance.
Vignette: A Grave Situation (added July 13, 2005)
This is a "Joe Vig vignette", a small model that tells a story about an unsuspecting and very unlucky fellow.
Mr. Potty (added April 8, 2004)
Q: What does a middle-age balding Lego enthusiast need?
A: A balding Lego man on a toilet, silly!
Mother's Day Figures
This is my second custom Lego set, given as a gift to my wife for Mother's Day 2002.
Valentine Mosaic
I made something special, something a little odd, for my wife for St. Valentine's Day 2002.
American Flags
Here are two common-themed creations: an American flag sculpture/mosaic and a stand for a small flag.
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