A-9 Transport

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The A-9 Transport is a deep-space cargo ship that consists of a basic chassis, sockets for docking various equipment, and an internal space for transporting UniCarg's old cargo modules. There are two cockpit sockets, 3 engine sockets, and one "wing" connector on each side.

When fully assembled, two of the wing pods mount directly to the chassis while the other two attach to the side drive modules, near the back.

Standard config:
Length: 59 L-Feet
Width: 58 L-Feet
Height: 12 L-Feet
No modules:
Length: 36 L-Feet
Width: 32 L-Feet

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Front 3/4 view Starboard elevation Top view
Top view- stripped One cockpit attached to a sublight drive module The other cockpit mated with the high-warp drive
Mobile Lab module Interior of mobile lab Minifig view with cockpits open
View of engines The OMP M-4 Artillery Battery module Another shot of the artillery module

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