Slick Octan and the Slick Brick

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Yes, I know that the colors aren't Octan colors. Slick isn't good enough of a racer to get corporate sponsorship- he races for fun, funded by his personal fortune. Slick and his sister Paris have inherited the monstrous fortunes of the MegaCorp Octan, which started out as a fuel supplier centuries ago.

The ship's name comes from the fact that it weighs a lot for something this size. It uses heavily integrated SNOT construction and the guts consist of a lot of plates and 1x4 side-stud bricks.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
High front angle High rear angle Canopy open
Low side angle Top The engines come out!
With no engines Alternate engine cores, front Alternate engine cores, rear
Alternate engine cores, side Alternate engine cores, top All parts laid out
The landing gear folding Interior with Slick Interior, no Slick
Are those tools? No, they're not! 4 racers

As you can see in the last image, this is one of four ships I've done so far for the intergalactic multi-environment racing circuit.

gallery added March 26, 2004

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