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My series of Racers for the Intergalactic Multi-Environment Circuit:
Blacktron Outcast Racer (added Nov. 16, 2004)
The Blacktron Hegemony has used its technological and fashion know-how to come up with this beauty.
Taimatsu Racer (added Nov. 16, 2004)
Kaisha Corp, formerly famous for its top quality null-grav toilets, sponsors this racer.
Bei Zhen and the Kuai Feng (added June 11, 2004)
To everyone's surprise, the Jade Empire has entered the intergalactic multi-environment racing circuit.
Slick Octan and the Slick Brick (added March 26, 2004)
Slick Octan is the heir to the Octan fortunes. He races because it's fun and because he can afford to.
Allison Rosier and Grace (added March 25, 2004)
Here's the third intergalactic multi-environment racer I've posted.
Teardrop Racer (added March 24, 2004)
Rex Wolley thinks that the Teardrop makes a great racer, too!
Mike Nass and the Nebula-III (added Jan. 16, 2004)
Mike pilots this intergalactic racer, financed by the Exploriens Alliance.
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