WTF-2001 Wide-Track Fury

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When the Blacktron forces commissioned a design for a highly mobile ground-based artillery weapon, they were expecting more of the usual from their contractors. And for the most part, the proposals were "the usual". But the proposal from the Tyrax corporation stood out from the rest in more than one way. In addition to its goofy looks, it promised to be cheaper, faster, more maneuverable, and more stable for firing while in motion. The Blacktron representatives frankly didn't believe that all this was possible, and approved the design primarily to demonstrate the incompetence of Tyrax's engineers. Blacktron has a standing policy of annihilating anyone who fails to deliver on their promises. One of the Blacktron procurement officers had a personal grudge against the Tyrax CEO, and was really looking forward to enforcing this policy.

The first production Fury rolled off the production line barely in the promised time and barely within budget. But when it hit the test fields, it delivered everything it had promised. The Blacktron testers were thrilled with their vehicles, and found that due to the gyroscopic effect the platform actually performed better the faster it was moving.

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Historical note: Many years later, Tyrax made a similarly outrageous proposal for another new ground vehicle. By this time the Blacktrons had grown weak and unfashionable, and Tyrax's leadership felt that they could get away with anything. The "Tyrax Incident", as it came to be known later, so angered the now-retired Blacktron officer that he returned to active duty just long enough to destroy Tyrax's homeworld. He was subsequently exiled from the Blacktron Hegemony for "excessive political incorrectness".

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