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I've always loved the Blacktron space series- it is by far the best of all the space subthemes. I normally don't keep actual sets assembled for very long, as the whole reason I play with Lego toys is to build personal creations. However, I recently acquired a second Invader and was inspired by Frank's LEGO Space Creations, detailing his way cool modifications to the Invader design.

My basic cockpit is slightly more of a redesign than his- it's a scratch-built design that looks similar to the Invader cockpit, but isn't supposed to pass as a real Invader. My alternate cockpit, however, is nowhere near as original as his Challenger. The cargo module is also scratch-built and, like Frank's, opens by splitting in the middle instead of hinging from one end. It's also a lot sturdier than the Invader's cargo pod. The engine pods are only very slightly modified from the original design.

For reference, the Pause guide at Lugnet has a picture of the real Invader.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
The basic version of my Invader rehash... ...the same ship, from the rear Cockpit and engine
Another cockpit module, using the Battrax cockpit extension Both ships Cockpit interiors
Closeup of the half-open cargo pods All the parts All parts being hauled by the Packhorse chassis

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