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Despite the horrible misnaming of the 6927: All-Terrain Vehicle from the early 80's (a truck that can't clear a plate on a smooth surface is by no means "All-Terrain"), it remains one of my favorite space sets of all time. I used to build a vehicle based on that general shape except with the removeable part replaced by a larger enclosure that is part of the main vehicle. This is my modern recreation of that vehicle. The main innovations of this particular version are the larger tires which give twice the ground clearance (but still not much!) and the lower roofline. I used to put a third windshield piece above the two seen here, but this time I decided to try for a lower profile.

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The usual boring overview... ...followed by a boring elevation shot Looks burly from this angle, huh?
Looks like he's smiling in there! Interior shot with all doors open The crew poses for the press.

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