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My custom models designed to fit with Classic Space:
Classic Space Motor Pool (added August 13, 2007)
This is my big 4-plate moonbase module, originally built for NWBrickCon 2002.
Maillotia Fighter/Bomber (added June 1, 2007)
Maillotia is a light fighter/bomber with VTOL capabilities and reconfigurable weaponry.
Classic Space Monorail Terminal (added Mar. 18, 2005)
This monorail terminal is modular in every direction- up, down, sideways, slantways...
Classic Space Train, V1
It's a train. It's in space. Stop looking at me like that.
Delta-1 Comlink Center
This is the primary communications link between Earth control and the Space Corps' lunar base.
Cosmic Dart [Instructions]
A very inexpensive vessel, the Cosmic Dart makes for excellent personal transport.
Twin Patrol [Instructions]
This 2-seat spaceship is a flying platform for a sizeable communications array.
Geosurvey Rover
The Geosurvey Rover collects and analyzes geologic samples using a cab that extends on a telescoping arm.
Armored Rocket Pod [Instructions] [Original Instructions] [Animation]
You can fly through meteorite showers with minimal risk to life and limb in this little beastie.
Astro Stalker [Instructions]
It's ugly. It walks. Feel the pain.
Space Scout Transport [Instructions]
Another of my classic space creations, this is a balloon-wheeled truck that hauls a small scout ship.
Modular Cargo Transport
Here is a ship done up in the colors and style of the first-year classic space sets. It is a small cargo ship that uses the universal cargo modules seen on many of my other vehicles.
Starfleet Explorer
My third revisited 2nd-generation classic space vehicle is a bit more drastic of a variant on an old theme. This is basically a Starfleet Voyager on steroids.
Mobile Command Post [Instructions]
The first creation in my revisited 2nd-generation classic space vehicles, this 6-wheeler is very reminiscent of the All-Terrain Vehicle.
Starfleet Scout [Instructions]
This is the second creation in my revisited 2nd-generation classic space vehicles. I built it in an almost identical form at least 20 times in my childhood (the first one!)
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