Maillotia Fighter/Bomber

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Maillotia is a light fighter/bomber with VTOL capabilities and reconfigurable weaponry.

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Front angle Rear angle There are small rotating thruster units alongside the rear of the fuselage.  This provides excellent maneuverability and VTOL capability.
The current mission configuration is two medium-yield tachzon bombs and two zlazer cannons. Here, the mission-specific weapons have been removed. When swapping in a SHIP-killer torpedo, a guidance system is typically added to the other wing.
With the SHIP-killer torpedo: Here are the weapons, laid out around the ship. Canopy opened and closed:
The chair folds forward to access the cargo area behind. Landing gear, folded and deployed: I used click-rotation hinges for the rotating thrusters.
The wings attach to the body using 1x4 bricks with side studs. This is more complicated than it's worth, but I wanted to have the small front lift thrusters to be locked at an angle pointing slightly rearward. Yes, that gun actually fits in the little cargo area behind the seat.

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