The Matriarch

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For years, many competing freighter captains have wondered at how Brenda Rhodes has managed to deliver into the region surrounding the Blacktrons and the Dark Futurons. Most ships entering the area were strongly encouraged to leave, lest they become embroiled in the ongoing war between the two nations. A torpedo across the bow worked on most, though a few of the more stubborn captains had pushed their luck and been forcibly removed. For a while, a few ships had set up ongoing trade routes with either of the two, but the other eventually tracked them down. The Dark Futurons would typically send the ships home with disabled weaponry. When the Blacktrons caught someone helping their enemy, their solution was more permanent. Now, nobody bothers trading with either of them. The exception is Captain Rhodes.

There is nothing terribly special about her ship- it is a medium-sized unarmed freighter. She doesn't run particularly valuable cargo. So why is it that of all the traders entering the area, both powers will deal only with the Matriarch? Only her crew know, and they aren't telling.

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The usual configuration The same, from above And again from the side
Closeup of the engines Large crew module added Just the bridge and drive module
Second in command, Michael Richter, and his station Grotty resting in the passenger quarters Markus Gulnar looking out the other side
Tracee, our fem-droid, tunes the engines Michael and Captain Rhodes, running the ship The whole gang, planetside

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