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I wanted a SHIP that was structurally sound enough to pick up with one hand. It succeeds here in terms of structural integrity, but it is a bit heavy to hold for very long. It can also be picked up from nose and tail. Another requirement was working landing gear, and I've been impressed with how much weight those giant click-hinges can hold.

The design is straightforward studs-up construction. The only bits of significant SNOT construction are the studs-down cockpit and studs-forward engines.

The engines come off, and the body comes apart into four sections to make the ship transportable.

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For anyone who saw this ship at BrickFest PDX in 2004, she has endured massive changes since then. That was before I spliced the center section 4 studs wider and 16 studs longer. And at that time she had no interior, lift thrusters, or support vehicles. She also had really lame engines. I also brought Melpomene to NWBrickCon in October 2004. She has only seen minor changes since then.

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