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The ship started life as a passenger transport, carrying 42 passengers and 5 crew for a few hours at a time. Captain Partha had all of the passenger seating stripped out and replaced with workstations and sleeping quarters. It is now fully equipped to support its crew of 9 in relative comfort.

The command cabin sits at the very front. Aft of there is the environmental station on the lower deck, with access to the Captain's quarters above.

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Aft of the environmental station is the center section, two decks high and spanning the length between the landing gear. The lower floor is divided up into two sections, each with 4 crew berths. Removing a pin from each side of the ship allows each of these sections to drop out of the bottom, allowing access to the berths. Each member of the crew gets a bed and a locker.

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The crew stations cover most of the upper deck, with the fore end housing the shower and powder rooms and the aft end housing the kitchen.

At the very end of the center section is access to the cargo area via a pair of doors on the lower deck.

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