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The BricksWagon™ Scarab is a small craft with a somewhat bug-like appearance. It can be used in many roles- the cargo area in back and grippers at the front make it suitable for light maintenance duty, exploration, sample collection, or various other scientific purposes. This one is piloted by a miner, Billy Bob, and used for crystal prospecting.

The ship isn't fast by any measure, with the two small thrusters to augment its internal degrav unit. But it is a hardy ship, well suited to rough use.

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Front angle Rear angle Top
High front Cargo area open Top, cargo area open
Cockpit interior Canopy open Billy Bob gets out to look around.
Cargo area Billy Bob sets up his prospecting equipment Nice haul, Billy Bob!

This is my second studless vehicle, where I also wanted to experiment with the "new" curvy pieces (I've had them for over a year in various colors, and this is the first time I've used them). I found them to be rather awkward- doing a canopy that actually opens without having odd gaps somewhere requires way more engineering than it should. (Note that this one isn't quite as studless as the Nebula-III- I didn't tile over the feet or the floor of the cargo area.)

I rarely use yellow, and this color scheme came about because I was trying to use one of the curvy windshields that had both yellow and blue printing on it. After I was mostly done, I realized that the windshield looked really out of place- this was never intended to be a racer, and the printing made it look like it was trying to go that route. So I swapped in a blank winshield, and the result was much better. But I had really wanted to use that windshield, so my next creation with the curvy windshield bits (coming soon!) ended up using basically the same color scheme.

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