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Taimatsu is a Japanese word that my brief research turned up as a rough translation of "torch". This seems like an appropriate name for an orange and red fusion-rocket-powered racing ship.

Kaisha Corp. has been known for over 4 decades as manufacturing the best null-grav toilets that money can buy. Their corporate leadership decided a few years ago that toilets weren't enough and so they launched an initiative to become the most widely-known brand in the civilized universe. As a part of their marketing campaign, they entered the exceedingly expensive intergalactic multi-environment racing circuit.

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Vaguely JP Rignault-ish Top High rear angle
Comin' at ya! Side view Some capable engines
Cabin closed Cabin open Ready for action
Time to inspect the ship Bottom, gear deployed Bottom, gear stowed

Much to the horror of Kaisha's loyal fans, the T-shirts, traveling road shows, and alternate product lines have all but replaced the toilets that everyone had come to rely upon. Although they have had a few successes, such as their hair conditioning products for semi-hostile environments, the vast bulk of the new products have been complete failures and the future of the company is now in question. In the midst of this turmoil, they completely baffled everyone in the hostile environments plumbing industry by changing the colors in which they fabricated their fixtures. But that's not important right now.

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