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While the Space Corps was testing a scouting/police cruiser version of this ship, the multibillionaire and intergalactic racer Rex Wolley was testing a racing version. He had purchased the ship outright instead of borrowing/leasing it during testing, so he has full rights to keep his hands on it, MagnaWave™ drives and all.

It has already proven to be an excellent racer. Mr. Wolley has been a relative unknown for the past 5 years, but placed 4th in the dual environment Stella Moonshot this year. There were some concerns about the fact that 6 other racers lost control and dropped out of serious contention from just ahead of him in the last couple of laps, though an inquiry turned up no evidence against him.

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Front high Nose-on, gear stowed Arthur Wolley with his ship

gallery added March 24, 2004

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