WMD: Weapon of Moonbase Defense

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This is a moonbase module that features 4 cannons that really fire. It is wirelessly controlled via IR, and uses all unmodified Lego parts. The controller and receiver/motor unit came from this set.

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Overview shot Rear view Gunner
Cannons Elevation mechanism Top off
Rear panel off Silly gears Moonbase connections
Turret off Transport base Movies

I brought this to NWBrickCon 2005, where it sat at the edge of the moonbase and fired across a small gap into the Trains display. I was fortunately able to barely reach a building complex where they had staged some sort of police raid. I managed to knock down a number of the figures throughout the course of the event. Woohoo!

If you're wondering what a "Moonbase Module" is, check out the specs.

gallery added January 6, 2006

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