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My Moonbase Modules, designed to work with the Moonbase standard:
Classic Space Motor Pool (added August 13, 2007)
This is my big 4-plate moonbase module, originally built for NWBrickCon 2002.
Misc. Moonbase Modules (added August 8, 2007)
Various moonbase modules, used to fill out the moonbase layout, some from as far back as 2002.
MBSE: MoonBase Stock Exchange (added January 10, 2006)
The MBSE was never completed, but that didn't stop me from dragging it to 3 NWBrickCons and BrickFest PDX.
WMD: Weapon of Moonbase Defense (added January 6, 2006)
This moonbase module packs a punch up to about 6 feet- just enough to reach the Trains display at NWBC 2005!
Classic Space Monorail Terminal (added Mar. 18, 2005)
This monorail terminal is modular in every direction- up, down, sideways, slantways...
Retail Container Moonbase Module (added Mar. 17, 2005)
This module is basically a box that can hold a small store.
Kap King Moonbase Module (added Mar. 16, 2005)
Every moonbase needs a place to buy caps and pins... and everyone knows that Kap King is the best!
(I think he shaves you money, too.)
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