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A few of the other members of PNLTC have recently been creating widely-known chain stores for train shows. After seeing how much it added to the layouts, I was inspired to build this. My objectives were to build a store that 1: is widely known throughout North America, 2: has a distinctive look, and 3: is reasonably small. The first two requirements are fundamental to the purpose, and the third is because I didn't want to tackle a large building right now. This particular store fits all 3 perfectly. Although the sticker that I made for the sign completes the look, this is a store that any American will immediately recognize even if the façade has a plain white square in its place.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
Minifig's view A better shot of the phone An adult at a show sees this angle first.
Rear angle Register and clerk Shelves and... a Slurpee machine!
The requisite dumpster... ...and it opens! Every convenience store needs a bus stop.

If you like this kind of stuff, don't miss out on Steve Barile's Target and Home Depot stores.

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