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Pete's Pets
Dragons, kittens, and one ugly guinea pig. These are but a few of the treasures to be found at Pete's Pets.
Added February 7, 2005.
Will's Grill
It's the "Home of the Happy Dog!", the second in the series of five stores that started with Joe's Donuts.
Added February 4, 2005.
These are here to get the goods to the Lego consumers.
Added October 14, 2003.
Cars and Small Trucks
You can never have enough cars and trucks to populate the streets of your town.
Added February 15, 2001, Updated March 7, 2003
Joe's Donuts
This is the first completed model for a series of five different stores not based on any actual retail chains.
Added February 5, 2003
Starbucks Coffee store
Sure, someone in the club already did a Starbucks... but they really are that proliferous around here.
Added March 13, 2001
7-Eleven store
After all the Americana buildings by other members of PNLTC, I was inspired to build this.
Added March 13, 2001
70's-Ville, Take 2
I really like the vintage cars and trucks, so I made a bunch more!
Added February 15, 2001
I threw together these buildings and vehicles to go with my classic 4.5v trains. This will probably expand at some point in the future.
Added Sep. 12, 2000
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