Nick and His Dad

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My son Nick, at the tender age of 4, told me this story one day. I suspect he drew some inspiration from having been read the adventures of Sorjin on the Isle of Mist a few months earlier. In any case, his tale was short and coherent and I thought it would be a great project to do in Lego.

I grabbed a few models that were already assembled, slapped together a couple of props, and then had to wait for good weather and some free time. When we got those, we went into the back yard and shot the story. One hour of shooting and one hour of layout and printing later, I gave him the original hardcopy. It's no epic tale, but the material is very appropriate for little kids and for learning to read. Not bad for a day's work, eh?

Note that this is the web version of the story. In addition to links and layout changes, it uses smaller images. The originals are roughly 300 dpi and 1Mb- way too big for web browsing.

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