Mother's Day Figures

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After the wonderful reception of my Valentine's Day model to my wife this year, I decided to follow it up with a similarly themed Mother's Day present. I've been meaning to make myself a miniland-scale family for a while anyway, and this seemed like a great opportunity.

Note that the subpages don't have descriptions yet- I'll update them as soon as I can, though most of what you see is pretty straightforward.

Click on an image for a closeup and description
All of us Mommy! Daddy... that's me
Pete, age 5 Joe, age 5 Will, age 5
Nick, age 3 Susie, 11 months Mommy holding the baby
Mommy and daddy together Busted! Another angle of the whole crowd
The whole Mother's Day set, just before final packaging The package cover A render of the whole crowd

Resources: [.mpd and .pov files coming soon] [Instructions]

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